Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Linkedin: Enjoying the bad times

An interesting article featured in the Time's Business and Tech section entitled "LinkedIn: The Site That Likes a Bad Economy"

According to the article, Linkedin has been enjoying growth in users over the last few years, in is one of the few companies that will most likely benefit from the economic slow down. Primarily this growth is going to come from more people looking for more jobs, and the job market becoming more competitive.

The article also talks about the question a lot of Linkedin users ask "what do i do here?". Linkedin has recently activated their Groups feature allowing discussions and postings. The two Alumni groups I run have certainly seen a lot more activity and interest since the dicussion feature has been added. In efforts to make the networking community more interesting and rich Linkedin also recently launched a series of Applications developed by 8 of the top Internet App companies (Google, Slideshare, Amazon, Wordpress to name a few).

Linkedin Applications are not exactly a new idea. Facebook has some great Apps, but Linkedin promises to have more business oriented Applications targeting the very specific Linkedin user base.