Friday, April 17, 2009

How To Nail An Interview

I came across a link at Seth Godin's blog to How To Nail An Interview. The 22 tips aren't necessarily very new, or something you haven't figured out on your own. What makes it intersting is the process of identifying these 22 tips.

The site owner set up set up 28 interviews for a fictitious job, recorded the interviews and made a set of interview Dos & Donts. Some good advice and interesting video to go along with them.

My favorite tip being tip 17, Honesty (sometimes not) the best policy

Monday, April 13, 2009


Some interesting twitter apps/adapts/stuff

Twistori : A social experiment, defiantly worth a look.

Twitter Vision 3D: A view of who, said what, from which part of the planet.

Alltop Twitter Stuff: All about Twitter

TweetDeck: a small downloader app to stay in contact with tweets and Facebook etc.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time will wait for one man

I was totally taken aback by this story. I usually try to dig out something new, unique, cutting edge to write about. I would especially be excited if that new, unique and cutting edge news item hailed from Pakistan. Well it doesn't get much more unique and new, cutting edge even, well in the 16th century maybe...

I refer to the MANUALLY OPERATED Hill side clock on Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad. The News reported this story (Mystery behind the ticking clock) a few days ago

"The clock having 40 feet of diameter was initially operated electronically but now it is operated manually by an employee named Ejaz, who lives in a small room secretly constructed under the hillock. A young boy, Ejaz who came to Islamabad from his native town Bahawalpur in search of a job after leaving his studies due to some financial constraints, landed in a situation where he readily accepted the job of the clock-handler against the monthly salary of Rs8,000. His room where he stays round the clock was constructed in such a mysterious manner that it is really hard to find its small outer door at the backside of the hillock. A small video camera has been placed at the street light pole near the hillock that sends the view of the clock at the television monitor installed in his small room."


This gives a whole new perspective to discussions I have had at work with Manufacturing Engineers discussing CAPEX intensive vs. Labor intensive production.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Awesome Computer Interface

If you thought the iPhone or Microsoft Surface were the coolest Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technologies, You haven't seen anything yet.

I urge you, watch David Merrill's presentation here... great HCI hardware, amazing software applications.. endless possibilities!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Twitter, Congressman, National Security

Representative Pete Hoekstra of the US Congress has stirred up some controversy with his "just landed in Baghdad" update on Twitter (read full story at Is the social networking scene too public for public officials? Is it safe for the US President to have a Blackberry?

While some of these questions seem far fetched and certain aspects do need to be looked into, the Internet and Social media have played their part in electing the new President of the USA and will certainly play a part in how his administration is perceived by the world.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Why I quit!

This is why I quit being a software developer. I would never be a great software guy with people like him around. Good thing no one is born with a love for brand management.

Speaking of quitting, has anyone read Seth Godin's The Dip. I finished reading it a month or so ago... rather disappointing if you ask me. I think he should stick to his blog.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Facebook: Five years and counting!

Facebook is the icon of the ultimate Web 2.0 experience. It is a peer-to-peer social network, it's driven by user content, runs its own applications (step 1 of the web OS) and best of all millions of (young) people use it and love it.

the success of Facebook lead Mark Zuckerberg to become the youngest billionaire in the world. Having said that, Facebook is nowhere close to the commercial success of Internet companies such as Google, neither does it have the long term potential like

I recently read two interesting articles on the past and future of Facebook. The piece by BBC also features a short interview with Zuckerberg taken in Oct 2008. CNN piece however had a slight more critical view on the future of Facebook.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Recession Proof Predictions

Four tech predictions by Fortune Magazine for recession proof technologies.

The computer industry now ships more laptops than desktops, and the emerging trend is the Netbook; lighter, less powerful and CHEAPER Notebooks. As the name suggests, Netbooks aren't ideally suited for the heavy desktop applications and gaming usage, but for the Facebookers, bloggers, IMers and browsers on the move, this promises to be a great work station at a lower price.

Cloud Computing
This isn't much of a prediction, and it defiantly isn't limited to 2009. This is more of where Computing is headed, and no recession is going to get in the way of the next shift, especially when it means lowering costs!

"The technology basically allows a single piece of hardware to run systems or applications that previously had run on multiple machines". Now that's the kind of technologies a recession loves...

Electronic Entertainment
According to Yi-Wyn Yen the "Wii is officially recession proof". People may be on a tighter budgets, but it seems spend on consoles and other sources of electronic entertainment, such as high speed Internet, is now a part of the consumer's life and unlikely to face any serious cuts.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Office Online

The world has been buying Microsoft Office for about $500 for a long time now. Back when Office came out your PC cost you ten times as much. Now a PC costs you $500 and so does Office. Safe to say it doesn't sound like much of a bargain anymore. That's the argument chairman of Zoho makes regarding Free and/or much cheaper online applications similar to Word, Excel & Power Point.

A recent article in Business Tech announces Microsoft decision to enter the online application segment by 2010. Given the fact that Zoho and Google already have their up and running for a while now. I haven't used Zoho, but Google apps are great. Especially for a group of people on collaborative projects.

So, keeping in mind my last post, Microsoft isn't exactly leading the way on all Web fronts!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Microsoft finally a step ahead!

According to a recent announcement, Microsoft are working on a new upgrade for the, rather unsuccessful, Windows Live Web suite. According to an Saul Hansel, who writes for The New York Times, Microsoft plans to "turn their e-mail and instant message systems into something closer to social networks". Now you don't hear this too often, but this would mean Microsoft has beaten Google and Yahoo to Web 2.0 on some front. At least that's how it sounds.

How successful Microsoft will be at drawing in Facebook and Twitter users can not really be predicted. if Microsoft's recent success, or lack of it, is something to go by, I wouldn't be too hopeful. If you remember, Windows Live was suppose to be the next big thing on the Internet and the project was headed/envisioned by Ray Ozzie. Lets hope the upgrade is something worth the bother!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Linkedin: Enjoying the bad times

An interesting article featured in the Time's Business and Tech section entitled "LinkedIn: The Site That Likes a Bad Economy"

According to the article, Linkedin has been enjoying growth in users over the last few years, in is one of the few companies that will most likely benefit from the economic slow down. Primarily this growth is going to come from more people looking for more jobs, and the job market becoming more competitive.

The article also talks about the question a lot of Linkedin users ask "what do i do here?". Linkedin has recently activated their Groups feature allowing discussions and postings. The two Alumni groups I run have certainly seen a lot more activity and interest since the dicussion feature has been added. In efforts to make the networking community more interesting and rich Linkedin also recently launched a series of Applications developed by 8 of the top Internet App companies (Google, Slideshare, Amazon, Wordpress to name a few).

Linkedin Applications are not exactly a new idea. Facebook has some great Apps, but Linkedin promises to have more business oriented Applications targeting the very specific Linkedin user base.