Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Murder 2.0

Life has changed because of the Internet.

We do business very differently thanks to Email. We interact very differently thanks to IM and Facebook. We defiantly look for information very differently thanks to Google. And as these evolve to become a part of our life, the kind of information we look for seems to be changing as well.

You would imagine somethings are just common knowledge. Why would you need to look it up on Google? Well, if your part of the Web Enabled generation, nothing is too common too not be Googled. Take for instance, 29 year old, Neil Entwistle.

Allegedly, he wanted to kill his wife, using a knife. Classic stabbing to death process from what I gather. However, no harm in Googleing it just to make sure he has the the basic down.

As CNN reports:

"A police detective testified Tuesday that a laptop computer taken from the home of a British man accused of killing his wife and 9-month-old daughter was used to search online for "how to kill with a knife" four days before the slayings."

"Prosecutors, however, sought to indicate that Entwistle was planning to kill his wife and child, saying he researched methods of murder and suicide in the days before he fatally shot them."

So turns how, the Google search helped and Neil found out that Shooting to death is a better method, allegedly!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3 - Sets the Records Straight

It isn't official yet, the guys at Guinness records at still working on it, but Firefox was downloaded at 9000 copies a minute for the first few hours. A total of 8 million copies downloaded in just 24 hours.


I'm glad to have been able to play my part, I even made a post about this (see below) and added the rather funky 'download day' badge to my blog. So did a lot of other people from Pakistan. Some even got into a slight argument on who did a post on this first. However, Pakistan didn't really make much of a contribution at the end of the day. To the over all downloads we contributed just under 8000 downloads, that's 0.1% of the share (even the UAE did better). oh well, we prefer 50 rupee DVDs as our source of software I guess.

But any how, even if you haven't yet gotten this award winning browser yet, its time you do. Firefox has a pretty neat new site as well, worth a look, and some great tips and tricks for the Firefoxers out there.

Don't be Evil, Use Firefox!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lets set a Record

Firefox has set out to create a world record for most downloads in one day. I did a post on Firefox 3 last month. It is by far a superior browser. I have been using Firefox 3 Beta for a while now, and when I have to use IE at work its painful.

So check out the new Firefox, and take the pledge to take part in the Download Day 2008 World Record attempt.

Dont be Evil, Use Firefox!