Friday, December 19, 2008

Recession Proof Predictions

Four tech predictions by Fortune Magazine for recession proof technologies.

The computer industry now ships more laptops than desktops, and the emerging trend is the Netbook; lighter, less powerful and CHEAPER Notebooks. As the name suggests, Netbooks aren't ideally suited for the heavy desktop applications and gaming usage, but for the Facebookers, bloggers, IMers and browsers on the move, this promises to be a great work station at a lower price.

Cloud Computing
This isn't much of a prediction, and it defiantly isn't limited to 2009. This is more of where Computing is headed, and no recession is going to get in the way of the next shift, especially when it means lowering costs!

"The technology basically allows a single piece of hardware to run systems or applications that previously had run on multiple machines". Now that's the kind of technologies a recession loves...

Electronic Entertainment
According to Yi-Wyn Yen the "Wii is officially recession proof". People may be on a tighter budgets, but it seems spend on consoles and other sources of electronic entertainment, such as high speed Internet, is now a part of the consumer's life and unlikely to face any serious cuts.