Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3 - Sets the Records Straight

It isn't official yet, the guys at Guinness records at still working on it, but Firefox was downloaded at 9000 copies a minute for the first few hours. A total of 8 million copies downloaded in just 24 hours.


I'm glad to have been able to play my part, I even made a post about this (see below) and added the rather funky 'download day' badge to my blog. So did a lot of other people from Pakistan. Some even got into a slight argument on who did a post on this first. However, Pakistan didn't really make much of a contribution at the end of the day. To the over all downloads we contributed just under 8000 downloads, that's 0.1% of the share (even the UAE did better). oh well, we prefer 50 rupee DVDs as our source of software I guess.

But any how, even if you haven't yet gotten this award winning browser yet, its time you do. Firefox has a pretty neat new site as well, worth a look, and some great tips and tricks for the Firefoxers out there.

Don't be Evil, Use Firefox!

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