Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chrome - Shiny Happy Surfers

Google Chrome, I downloaded it, used it and Loved it.

Honestly, its a rather superficial judgment. I haven't read about the features (the omnibar is pretty cool though), I haven't really tested it out yet. Just used it for an hour and so, but I love it. It seems faster that Firefox. Great user interface. Over-all, a pleasant surprise.

Summary: I don't feel like going back to Firefox, and thats saying a lot.

To Download Google Chrome Click Here
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Arfeen said...

Well Chrome is great and all ... but people who use a lot of FF addons will probably stay loyal to firefox until similar addons come up for Chrome.

Atif Sultan Ali Khan said...

Thats a valid point arfeen. People using addons heavily will probably not switch to Chrome. But being an open source system, it will probably get its own array of addons.

What would be interesting to see is if the web developer community shifts to Chrome. from what I understand, Firefox has some great development/design tools.

Thanks for your comments. and nice blog. Ill be stealing stuff from you soon (with citations of course)