Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time will wait for one man

I was totally taken aback by this story. I usually try to dig out something new, unique, cutting edge to write about. I would especially be excited if that new, unique and cutting edge news item hailed from Pakistan. Well it doesn't get much more unique and new, cutting edge even, well in the 16th century maybe...

I refer to the MANUALLY OPERATED Hill side clock on Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad. The News reported this story (Mystery behind the ticking clock) a few days ago

"The clock having 40 feet of diameter was initially operated electronically but now it is operated manually by an employee named Ejaz, who lives in a small room secretly constructed under the hillock. A young boy, Ejaz who came to Islamabad from his native town Bahawalpur in search of a job after leaving his studies due to some financial constraints, landed in a situation where he readily accepted the job of the clock-handler against the monthly salary of Rs8,000. His room where he stays round the clock was constructed in such a mysterious manner that it is really hard to find its small outer door at the backside of the hillock. A small video camera has been placed at the street light pole near the hillock that sends the view of the clock at the television monitor installed in his small room."


This gives a whole new perspective to discussions I have had at work with Manufacturing Engineers discussing CAPEX intensive vs. Labor intensive production.


Arfeen said...

i know --- the cheap labor here in Pakistan in mind boggling ... Everywhere in the world, people are trying to automate things by innovation and research. While we on the other hand just ramp up people like crazy :D

Nadir said...

Now that you're in Islamabad, did you get a chance to check this dude out yourself to see if this story is real?