Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cuil: Bigger than Google, but any Better?

They claim to be Three times bigger than Google, bigger in terms of the pages they index. It's been set up by ex-Google employees, and they have a very easy to use home page (a good learning from the Google vs. Yahoo days). With $33 million dollar in investment, they seem to be on track to actually challenge Google (if that's possible).

Now I support the underdog any day, I like Firefox over IE, I'd support the Mac over Windows, I love it when the small guy takes a hit and the giant. In all such cases, the underdog must have a better product, just limited marketing budgets. But so far, the little test run i did on Cuil hasn't been very impressive. I really would like someone to take a hit at Google, make things interesting. But I dont know if Cuil will do that with their current product.

Cuil does have a an interesting recommended search menu, rather cool how images are blended in the search results, but over all, it just doesn't get the results. They have a great privacy stance, but unfortunately most people aren't as bothered by Google storing your data (or aren't aware of it). the user want the results they are looking for, in a faster better and more relevant manner. I tried searching my name, and got nothing, Google has 3 whole pages. Call me self obsessed, but if I cant find myself on Cuil, i am sticking to Google.

But anyhow, Cuil is worth a look.

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