Thursday, July 03, 2008

Exit Gates

He easily ranks as one of the greatest innovators and contributors to the IT industry. He is also, probably, the greatest and most successful businessman ever. The above mentioned reason make him a highly admired and also a extremely easy to hate person.

He has now retired from a full time role at Microsoft, the worlds first software company. His departure got plenty of media coverage, especially on the Internet. At this point, as he heads to the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, what most are looking at is the legacy of Bill Gates.

I feel his legacy has been well summarized by an article in the Time Magazine entitled "Bill Gates: PC Genius, Internet Fool". The life and work of Bill Gates has been documented in a series of article and interviews all listed at Microsoft's PressPass.

What's interesting however, is if this is the end of Bill and Microsoft, a thought that the TIME story ends with:

"...Maybe we'll see Gates return, a Nobel in his pocket, ready to wrestle with the Web once again."

P.S. Another one from BBC worth reading "The hits and misses of Microsoft"

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