Saturday, November 15, 2008

Microsoft finally a step ahead!

According to a recent announcement, Microsoft are working on a new upgrade for the, rather unsuccessful, Windows Live Web suite. According to an Saul Hansel, who writes for The New York Times, Microsoft plans to "turn their e-mail and instant message systems into something closer to social networks". Now you don't hear this too often, but this would mean Microsoft has beaten Google and Yahoo to Web 2.0 on some front. At least that's how it sounds.

How successful Microsoft will be at drawing in Facebook and Twitter users can not really be predicted. if Microsoft's recent success, or lack of it, is something to go by, I wouldn't be too hopeful. If you remember, Windows Live was suppose to be the next big thing on the Internet and the project was headed/envisioned by Ray Ozzie. Lets hope the upgrade is something worth the bother!

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Abbas said...

"but this would mean Microsoft has beaten Google and Yahoo to Web 2.0 on some front."


Watch your tenses ;) I doubt MS will get there.

MS was king of all, the challengers are here and here to stay, as this industry matures, each company would have to identify its niche based on its core competency. For MS it would be enterprise, they will become the IBM of the 21st century, Google and Yahoo will fight it out and the results are unpredictable. You cant hold and keep all the hills, as the industry gets more and more sophisticated, specialization will prevail, and there will be no room for Jack of Alls.

My 2 cents :)