Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Office Online

The world has been buying Microsoft Office for about $500 for a long time now. Back when Office came out your PC cost you ten times as much. Now a PC costs you $500 and so does Office. Safe to say it doesn't sound like much of a bargain anymore. That's the argument chairman of Zoho makes regarding Free and/or much cheaper online applications similar to Word, Excel & Power Point.

A recent article in Business Tech announces Microsoft decision to enter the online application segment by 2010. Given the fact that Zoho and Google already have their up and running for a while now. I haven't used Zoho, but Google apps are great. Especially for a group of people on collaborative projects.

So, keeping in mind my last post, Microsoft isn't exactly leading the way on all Web fronts!


Mohtashim said...

in either case, google docs and zoho are just too basic an application. as a software engineer, i have analyzed just MS word and it is one of the deepest applications ever. google docs in comparison is more like a rich text editor that can read word documents. indeed, the online version of word will probably be really basic as well, but nothing yet compares to the feature set of the Windows based MS word

Abbas said...

The cost savings are enormous.