Friday, April 11, 2008

Personal Branding

Seth Godin, happens to be someone who really understands marketing and has already stared to scare us old school brand managers about the times to come, the changes already happening, and where we are headed. He is leading voice changing marketing thinking. He also happens to be a great speaker, writes what is arguably the most popular blog in the entire world. A lot more can be said about him, but ill let you visit his site and find out for yourself.

For now, i'll stick to one of his recent posting Seth spoke about having too many choices, too little time and hence people making quick decisions and jumping to conclusions. this is as relevant to people as it is to products. It may be unfortunate, but that how it is, and therefore managing your personal brand becomes increasingly important.

The Internet adds a whole new dimension to personal branding. Increasingly employers 'Google' candidates and search profiles on Facebook (by the way, so does the police!). Try 'Googling' yourself, the result is what people may base their decision upon. Results may be inaccurate, irrelevant or worse, blank. It is your job to manage your brand, and the Google result may just be your advertisement.

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