Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sell Yahoo, the big 'Guy' says so

I was going to do an in depth study on the Microsoft and Yahoo talks, look into the market dynamics of such a large acquisition, its impact on the Internet and mind boggling consequences. Should Yahoo sell out to Microsoft??? Consider the organizational culture, the work values ... and so much more HR mumbo jumbo.

So.. I was wondering if the bid by Microsoft is fair, will Microsoft dare a hostile takeover, should Yahoo even consider selling at any price?

I could either do a full on analysis and come to a conclusion, or ask the man himself, Mr.Guy Kawasaki. Surely he would have some insights. plus if he wrote back, would make one hell of a blog post (way better than a Microsoft/Yahoo story).

It was worth the try, cuz the big Guy wrote back (well 4 words really).

our exchange:


Hi Guy,

With the Microsoft & Yahoo buy out/hostile take over/merger/acquisition drama going on, how would you (if it wasn't for your "Bozosity") as CEO of Yahoo reacted?

Would you really be okay with selling off your company to Microsoft?


Atif Khan
Karachi, Pakistan


from Guy Kawasaki
to Atif Khan ,
date Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 8:15 PM
subject Re: What would CEO Kawasaki do?
mailed-by garage.com

For $46 billion? Absolutely.

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All the best to you,



Sure it was just 4 words (followed by a Alltop.com promo plug, cant blame him, he is a marketer)

But Guy Kawasaki wrote to me (I have almost been Kawasakied), and that makes one hell of a cool blog posting!

Conclusion: Sell Yahoo!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Getting emailed by Guy Kawasaki - Kawasak-e'd?

Nah. Needs work.

Atif Sultan Ali Khan said...

hey, hey... Im working on it, okay!

cut me some slack here. this blog is what... a week old. You just wait.

Fariha Akhtar said...

I felt the same way when Chris Anderson replied to my email clarifying some of my doubts about Long Tail economics :)