Saturday, May 03, 2008 goes Live!

As with any transaction, you only make the payment when you feel the deal makes sense to you. The same goes for paying attention, you don’t go around making attention payments for something you don’t want. Enter Seth Godin and Permission Marketing.

A recent experience worth sharing on the success of permission marketing has to do with my involvement in setting up

Here's how it went down...

Step 1:
I contacted Guy Kawasaki regarding Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo, thinking that would be great stuff to make a post about. It did make a great post.

Now lets keep in mind I contacted him, and not the other way around.

Step 2:
He replies, short and sweet, hence enhancing his brand equity. He also adds links to a new venture by his company.

Step 3:
I already know about Alltop, but this time Guy (or his standard signature) directs me there. Since I contacted him, I am clearly the target market

Step 4:

I revisit Alltop, notice the new GEO section, with a link. Now I want one for Pakistan.

Step 5:
I email Guy and ask for a Pakistan section on Alltop

Step 6:
Guys says sure, if you want one, build the feed list for me, and ill put it up

Step 7:
I comply

Step 8:
Alltop Pakistan goes live

Win-Win. Alltop get a new section added, I get what I wanted. All thanks to brilliantly handled permission marketing. Was nice dealing with the Nononina team, other than the part where they got my spellings wrong on the acknowledgments section "Atif Kahn".

Would Spam from Alltop have had the same effect? I think not!


Mohtashim said...

Dear Atif, here is a list that maybe we could add to pakistan.alltop ::

TechLahore - :: Local technology coverage, happenings from our own "fake steve" (29,000 visitors)

IT-Tazee - :: Local tech, startups, gadgets from a local industry techie (40,000 visitors, proactive disclosure: this is my blog! )

Teeth Maestro - :: Our popular dentist blogger talking politics.

Pak Positive - :: News and coverage of positive social and cultural changes

Pak Tea House - :: News, Culture, politics, your typical pakistani cafe discussions

DesiBackToDesh said...

Dear Atif

Thank you very much for making this happen. This is absolutely brilliant and completely made my day.

Thank you very much for putting this up and including me in your list.

Warm regards


Psss.. The least i can do is take you out for lunch. Let me know what day works for you...

jehan said...

Dear Atif,

All I can say is "You Rock!" Thanks for making this happen. It's just what we needed. Talk about spreading the word :)


Atif Sultan Ali Khan said...


Thanks for the additional links. I was thinking of making a list of another 20 or so links, and pass them off to Alltop.

If you or anyone you know has any links to add to Alltop, post them here as a comment. once I have an additional 20 or so, ill pass them on.


Thank you for the kind words and lunch offer, I definatly wont let down a oppertunity to enjoy lunch over a disgustingly geeky conversation. Ill get in touch with you for the lunch deal next week.


Thanks a bunch, glad to be of help.

jehan said...

Hey Jawwad, I am invited to that lunch, aren't I?

desibacktodesh said...

Ahah... So this is the lunch offer that got me into trouble...

Atif drop me a note on jawwad at alchemya dot com and we will get together

Do you like Roasters?

Anti Social said...

Y dont u add link lunch & dates dot com ...since its so hot these days ...!!!